Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Yarn Harlot

Friday night the Yarn Harlot was in Salt Lake City. She is so funny and such a quick wit. Her presentation was one of the funniest things I have ever had the opportunity to sit through. Especially funny was her story about knitting at the hospital while waiting for a friend. I think that story is told on her blog somewhere. A friend went with me and we had the best time. As a matter of fact at church this morning she said to me, "This guy isn't nearly as entertaining as Stephanie." Yep, church attendance would be much higher if all the speakers were as entertaining as her. If she's going to be near your town, and I mean even in the same state, go see her. Even if you have to stay in the town overnight it's worth it. She is so charming. I'm excitedly waiting for her post about SLC and hopefully the pictures she took of the shawl at Silver Lake.

Here is my favorite new knitting "tool"--my new Homedics Foot Spa. Life doesn't get much better than knitting with my feet sitting in a hot bubble and jet bath. I highly recommend this way of knitting. Now if I could just find someone to massage my feet while I knit. Oh well, this is the next best thing.

And here is September's KAL dishcloth. Yes, I've resorted to doing two at once because 7 rows a day just isn't satisfying enough. I do have other projects I work on daily, but there is just something about the dishcloths that calls to me. Maybe it's the quick fix for this junkie.

And for all you sock fans, Lime and Violet have a free sock pattern on their current blog page. See the link in my sidebar. If you haven't listened to their podcast I would suggest you do. They are so funny it's unbelieveable. It's too bad they have to work at real jobs instead of podcasting everyday.

Happy Knitting!


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