Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's Not a Puppy

These are Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

I ordered the skein on the left (Lagoon) and it came; and also in the same mail delivery, but different box, came the other two skeins (Highway 30 and Country Clare) which I hadn't ordered, but had been delivered to me by mistake. And this is where the puppy comes in.

This is me on the phone with Blue Moon the next day: "Can I please, please keep the extra two? Just charge my debit card please. Please. Can I keep them?" And they let me!!!! Afterwards I realized I sounded like a kid begging to keep the puppy/cat that followed him home. I absolutely cannot wait to knit these up.

And here are my Trekking socks, finally finished. The second one's entrelac section turned out larger than the first one and not nearly as neatly knit. I have no clue what I did wrong, so these will be worn only with pants--no skirts. I do love the colorway. And in sad sock news, I made my Koigu Jaywalkers too long in the leg area and ran out of yarn just before the toes. The store had had one last skein of the color just a few days before, but when I went in to purchase it, it was gone. So the toes will be purple. I don't feel guilty buying another skein of Koigu because I have a darling baby hat pattern which uses just over 1/2 skein of Koigu, so I'll be getting a baby gift out of my mistake. Pictures when the second sock is done.
Here is the S. E. X. for the weekend--minus the Koigu. I attended my first ever Fiber Fest. It didn't even tempt me to learn to spin which looks way too complicated for me. And too many steps--spinning apparently isn't the end of it, the stuff then has to be plied. But the yarns available! The pink yarn and the green yarn on top of the pile are Nature's Palette by Hand Jive. The vendor told me it's a good substitute for Koigu. The dusty rose happens to be just the color of the Eyelet Cable sweater I'm knitting. The multicolor is Wildefoot. The dark mauve is Cotton Fleece and the tan is Bulky Lamb's Pride. I definitely am going to be setting aside some money for next year's local Fiber Fest so that I can stock up on more of the specialty yarns none of the local stores carry. I can see now why everyone who has attended one of these events goes home with a trunkload of fiber.

Happy Knitting!


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