Thursday, September 07, 2006

Voodoo Car

After reading this blog I've been thinking maybe someone out there has a voodoo doll of my car. I won't bore you with all the details of my poor PT Cruiser's short life, but let's just say I spend a lot of time with rental cars and none of it my fault. Yesterday my car had a broken passenger window and I figured the demolition guys had done it (they started demolition before we moved our cars and with no warning). It appeared nothing was missing. My wedding ring, my bluetooth headset, the camera battery charger, the CDs, they were all there. Nothing appeared to be missing. Until I was stopped at a redlight. Then I realized my knitting tote was gone. Just three inches of a burp cloth knit with dishcloth cotton. But the Addi Turbos, I'm going to miss those! Until I can get to the store to replace them. I'm just really, really thankful my Lantern Moon Destiny needles were in a project at home.


Blogger ChickenStamps said...

So I stayed up late last night reading your blog and drooling over your projects. You have inspired me again. I got up this morning and pulled out my unfinished projects. I finished a dog coat for one of my pug friends and then a toddler hat in the helix pattern that you taught our friend and she taught me. Then I went to 2 yarn shops that you've told me about and all I can say is WOW, I've never seen such beautiful yarns. Tonight I started a shawl. I also have a few dishcloths in various stages that I'm finishing up. As if I needed more to keep me busy, now I'm knitting again....and loving it! Thanks for the inspiration.
Love ya,
Your twin - Christine

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