Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here are pics of some of the cloths I've done recently. The flamingo and the palm tree went to my sister in a neighboring town. She has a "thing" for flamingos so anytime I can find anything flamingo related, she gets it! I've done shadow work flamingos and even smocked flamingos. I also have the Fiber Trends pattern for the felted flamingos, but felting is a winter project for me. But she'll definitely be getting one or two!

I have been really, really trying to be project monogamous, but sometimes it just doesn't work. Part of my S. E. X. this week was the purchase of some Zara and some Koigu. The Zara I can wait to start knitting since I really don't have anything in mind for it yet. But the Koigu! I let the Little Guy wind it for me last night and took it with me to get my haircut. And of course I had to cast on for Glampyre's Jaywalker socks--found at MagKnits. This is a wonderful pattern. So many people have done the pattern and I can't resist the temptation anymore. And since it's only a two row pattern repeat it's easily memorized. So now those are what's in my purse. I'm doing them on two circs and I've discovered myself a clever little trick. Needle one is wood and needle two is metal. So I can tell right away which is the beginning of the round. Of course, when my KnitPicks needles get here I'll have to try those out and then both needles will be the same and I'll have to use a stitch marker. Anyone out there have any comments on the KnitPicks needles? The price is too good to be true. And they have free standard shipping on orders of $40 or more. Posted by Picasa


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