Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Just in case you were wondering what happened to Trekking Sock #2--look! There it is. It's actually further along than that now. I finished the entrelac section so that it can now replace the Koigu sock in my purse.

The shawl: Oh it is so much prettier in person. It's Mountain Colors Wool Ribbon in sage, which is not pastel by any stretch of the imagination so I have no idea why it photoed that way. Gorgeous! The world's simplest shawl ever; let the wool ribbon work its magic. You cast on four sts (size 15 or 17 needles) and then increase at the beginning and end of every row. And work in garter stitch. It was supposed to use only one skein of the fiber, but I wanted it a little larger so invested in the second skein. I'm not overweight, I just like my shawls to really wrap around and be generous.

And why did I wait so long to make the circular needle organizer from the book Stitch and Bitch? It was so easy and so worth the time. I figured working with the transfer paper and the computer to make the size labels was not going to work for me so I rubberstamped the sizes on white fabric, heat set them, and then sewed the labels on. The holder velcros over a hanger, so I decided to run one of the tabs through my metal needle sizer/gauge measure so the needles and sizer are always together. That's so that when I put the needles away I can be sure I'm sizing them correctly. I have found that the organizer doesn't really work well for the shorter circs so I still have them in a plastic container.

Happy knitting!


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