Monday, August 21, 2006

Sundays are for Gifts

Back when I was a SAHM I used my Sundays to do charity knitting--preemie hats for a local NICU that tends to be neglected because we have a much larger Children's Hospital locally. So this week I decided that Sundays would become gift knitting days. The two dish cloths are for clients who will be closing on their homes next week--it will add a little personal touch to the not-so-personal gift card I usually give. It's hard to tell, but the close up was an attempt to capture the log cabin design knit into the cloth. It's way cute in real life. The lavender face cloth and matching soap sack, Bathing Beauties, will go in the gift box with other stashed gifts. The soap sack is actually seamed at the wrong end! I mistakenly seamed the lace edging and secured that seam so well that there was no going back. And I found the perfect soap to put in it. At a local nursery if you can believe it. The soap is a rose scented soap and smells just like fresh cut roses. You will definitely be seeing more of the Fiber Trends bath accessories in the future. In the very near future as a matter of fact.


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