Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If You Have More Totes,

you can have more projects.

Here's the story behind the new tote. My sister from Washington is visiting this week and we needed to hit the scrapbooking stores since there is a severe lack in WA as compared to Utah. I thought I'd be safe from spending money since I'm in a knitting phase and not a scrapbooking/cardmaking phase. But what to my wondering eyes should appear? This wonderful scrapbooking tote. It is the perfect size for a take-along knitting project. Such as anything (except blanket) baby sized, dishcloths, socks, etc. The part coming out of the bottom of the tote is actually a removable organizer, almost like a drawer. It would be perfect for knitting notions. Or take it out entirely and use the bottom pocket for your wallet. I bought it in the pink/brown colorway. I did actually take a pic of it, but my picture didn't do it justice. Right now mine contains my next dishcloth.

And on to dishcloths:

These are the ones from the August KAL on Yahoo Groups. I actually think they would have looked better in two solids vs. solid and ombre. The difference in color actually photographed better than these look in real life. The sage one has already been gifted to my Washington sister along with the dragonfly cloth.

Actively on the needles are still the Trekking sock, a Koigu sock (now ready to go on the back burner so I can finish Trekking #2), the Eyelet Cables out of Lush, and a Pure and Simple side to side cardi--this is my computer knitting. And of course, the car knitting which always consists of either bibs or burp cloths from Mason Dixon Knitting, because knitting at red lights doesn't get easier than those!


Blogger Kathy in DC said...

Hi, Pamknits. I followed you over here from MDK. I see that you made a "Scribbling" scarf from MDK, and I am hoping you can help me with figuring yardage. Our LYS put together these "kits" for the scarf, and it only had one ball of "thick" and one ball of "thin" yarn. We didn't buy the kits, but are trying to figure out what we really need (yardage). Especially for the "thin". Can you tell us about what you used? Thanks, and wish us luck. Your scribbling scarf, and the "Nina", both looked nice!

8:08 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Coomer said...

Where did the dragonfly pattern come from???? My mom is wanting to do dragonflies in her bathroom. Could you share? Thanks!

8:29 AM  
Blogger S.B. said...

pam - what are the dimensions and price point of the scrapbooking tote? i am looking for something like that myself for knitting! thanks! sweetbeaker

1:20 PM  

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