Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rip It, Rip it Good

One of the most useful things reading other knitting blogs has taught me is that there is no shame in realizing something can be done better so it's okay to frog an item and start over! After knitting up one whole skein of the Patons SWS I thought it might be more feminine-looking to use a yarnover increase for the Multidirectional Scarf. So I frogged (rippit, rippit) using the swift and then rewinding the ball. But guess what? There isn't much difference in how the yo looks vs the Kfb increase. Maybe it will look better in the blocking. By knitting up one whole skein I realized that I will want the scarf to be three skeins long so it was back to Michaels this morning. One other good thing that came of starting over is that now I'm using my Lantern Moon Destiny circs. The first time I used Addi Turbos and this yarn is a little too slick for the polished nickel.

I had to go to a LYS to purchase some handmade soap for a gift and of course walked out of there with three new patterns and some Lamb's Pride to make a Buttonhole Bag from the Mason-Dixon blog. I've really, really got to go on a yarn diet!


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