Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleeve Purgatory

So many knitters refer to the knitting of sleeves as being stranded on Sleeve Island. I feel it's more like Purgatory. An island can be pretty and surrounded by water. Sleeve Purgatory just feels like what it is: One step from H*ll. I can't even bear to take a picture of the sleeves for my eyelet cable sweater; I'm afraid they would show no progress. I am (finally!) less than one inch from starting the armhole decreases so there is an end in sight; at least an end to the relentless double Irish moss stitch and no shaping. The saving grace? At least I'm knitting the two sleeves at once. So I really have to look at it as though I've done more than 28 inches of knitting instead of less than 15. See, I can be positive.

Happy Knitting!


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