Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Here is March's key decoration. I did put it up at the first of the month, but I've been a bad blogger.

There still isn't any knitting going on. The hand is still sore and we've also had a family matter which is so stressful knitting isn't an option right now. I know knitting would help relieve/lessen the stress; yet the same stress is making it too difficult to concentrate enough to follow a pattern. Maybe a burp cloth or dish cloth would be mindless enough?

I don't mean to be vague but I'm just not ready to write about it. One thing going on is just trying to deal with the feelings of leaving my husband and leaving the kids there with him. I don't think people who haven't been through it don't realize how absolutely devastating it is to make such a decision knowing it will have such a negative impact on the children. And I can't tell my side without dissing the dad and I just can't do that anymore. But I wish the kids could understand that it was so awful that I had to make that decision. But contrary to recent events I feel the kids are in great hands with their dad. One thing I hope my kids will take away from this horrible event is that one's spouse should be their equal and the most important person (even above their children) and should be one's best friend. Your spouse should be the safe place to go; safe from judgement, safe from criticism, safe to be yourself. I wish there is some way the children could be with both of us, but that's not possible. And one thing I really don't understand is that if the kids think I was such a horrible mom and wife why aren't they happy I left? All I've ever wanted is to be first with someone. I wonder if I'll ever have that in my life?

Okay, enough with the depressing thoughts.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Crafty Again

The eighteen year old and I put together a very cool desk for my home office/craft area. I am so excited to have it finished so that I now have a place to make cards and scrapbook. There is no way I could have finished the desk without his help of brute strength. And let's not mention how screw/bolt/nail challenged I was before this project. Due to a hand injury suffered a week ago at the start of the desk project I have not gotten any knitting done. But soon!

The desk is from Office Max and a really good price. At least I thought so until the 18 yo pointed out that it's just leftover saw dust pressed into shape. Oh well. It's still pretty.

Here is the 18 yo's reward for assembling the desk:

And here is a picture of the three of us between desk assembling sessions:

Aren't my boys handsome?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wedding Bells

There are the bride and groom! Married Saturday, March 10, 2007. These two have known each other since kindergarten. We had decided that if he didn't marry her, we were going to keep her in the family anyway! The wedding and reception were lovely and it was so much fun to see people we hadn't seen for so long. Why does it take weddings and funerals for old friends to get together?

This is the groom after an hour of picture taking. Think he's a little tired of the whole procedure?

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Quick Knit

This is one of the mini cardies from Stephanie Japel's book Fitted Knits. It called for Wool-Ease Thick and Quick which happened to be on sale at a local craft store. I started this cardigan on a Monday night and finished Tuesday night. There was very little of the green yarn left--less than two yards. But on the other hand it took one whole skein less of the blue than called for! I'm going to use this pattern as a basis for a next-winter knit. But back to the book, this one is well worth the cost. There are so many cute patterns and she gives instructions for making sure the knits fit perfectly.

Happy Knitting!