Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a Lemon

This is a Onesie dress I made for Penelope. I used a yellow striped Garanimals brand snap t-shirt from Wal-mart and some really cute lemon and lime fabric from Joann's.

Here are some close ups of the detailing:

After I narrow roll hemmed the length, top and bottom, of the fabric on the sewing machine (if you don't have a narrow roll foot I suggest you invest in one and learn to use it--it's amazingly easy and neat), I used crochet cotton size 10 to do a blanket stitch around the bottom hem.

Then I did a crochet trim around the bottom. The first row was the foundation row of a single crochet in each blanket stitch all the way around. Then it was a shell stitch around that. Easy, and quick. It's too bad the New Mrs. Moulton and I don't live close enough to collaborate on these projects; she's an awesome crocheter and I'm just so-so.

Then it was just the standard sewing on of the skirt to the "onesie". Fun and quick. What I love about this Garanimal "onesie" is the gathered detail at the neckline.

This is the hair bow I made to match the dress. I just "winged" the crochet medallion and sewed the lemon button (which was surprisingly hard to find) onto the center. Then hot glued it to the clip which I had covered with green ribbon.

Happy Knitting/Sewing/Whatever!


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