Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There's a Reason It's Not Covered in the Etiquette Books

And it's called Common Sense. One does not send wedding announcement/invitation to your ex-wife's family.

Give me a break. But it's provided some comedic relief for me!

I'm trying to decide who would feel more awkward: the future Mrs. C or the former in-laws? And here's the easy answer to that: The former in-laws are sensitive enough to all parties to know better.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Race for the Cure

From top to bottom:
The felted purse for the top fundraiser for Race for the Cure--Teri, the only other knitter in the office, won it.

One of the fifteen dishcloths I knit for the gift bags.

One of the sixteen felted Noni Forget-me-nots I knit and felted and glued pin backs on for the female team members. Plus three more for the felted bag.

I'm too tired/lazy to go find the Noni pattern to relate the story behind the forget-me-nots, but it goes something like this: The Noni designer was asked to design a flower for a woman to use to decorate her bra to wear in the UK equivalent of our Race for the Cure. Proceeds from the pattern sales go to cancer research. I thought that was such a good thing I decided to do one for each team member. I only wish I could have gotten someone to agree to wear a bra exposed with me, I would have covered our bras in these flowers. I love the office where I work, but sometimes the other workers can be a little staid. I did get one nurse agree that if she ever runs she'll do the bra thing with me. Rest assured, we will be wearing the decorated bras on the outside of our t-shirts. You know, to keep the disgust factor to a minimum!

It will be our team tradition and each year we'll add a new forget-me-not, but a differe
nt color each year. Blue was the default color because I had so much left over from a bag (yet to be finished) I had felted.

Happy Knitting!