Monday, May 10, 2010

; (

Well, I bought this candy bar:
To send to my sister after her doctor's appointment.

Guess I'll be putting it in the trash.

Can We Say Free Upgrade?

The guy at Hertz (Burbank Airport) was getting ready to put me in a Nissan Versa when he took a look at my ID. He didn't say why, but he upgraded me to this little baby. Oh yeah! When I came to California last October, Enterprise upgraded me to a PT Cruiser, but don't you think this is soooooo much better?

It wasn't totally free: I had to buy a scarf ($4.35) to tame the hair.

Go, ME!

It's a Lemon

This is a Onesie dress I made for Penelope. I used a yellow striped Garanimals brand snap t-shirt from Wal-mart and some really cute lemon and lime fabric from Joann's.

Here are some close ups of the detailing:

After I narrow roll hemmed the length, top and bottom, of the fabric on the sewing machine (if you don't have a narrow roll foot I suggest you invest in one and learn to use it--it's amazingly easy and neat), I used crochet cotton size 10 to do a blanket stitch around the bottom hem.

Then I did a crochet trim around the bottom. The first row was the foundation row of a single crochet in each blanket stitch all the way around. Then it was a shell stitch around that. Easy, and quick. It's too bad the New Mrs. Moulton and I don't live close enough to collaborate on these projects; she's an awesome crocheter and I'm just so-so.

Then it was just the standard sewing on of the skirt to the "onesie". Fun and quick. What I love about this Garanimal "onesie" is the gathered detail at the neckline.

This is the hair bow I made to match the dress. I just "winged" the crochet medallion and sewed the lemon button (which was surprisingly hard to find) onto the center. Then hot glued it to the clip which I had covered with green ribbon.

Happy Knitting/Sewing/Whatever!

Monday, May 03, 2010


If you need to renew your Driver's License in Utah there are many hoops to jump through now so check out the website for renewal. One of the items needed is your birth certificate or a passport. If you need to obtain your birth certificate DO NOT USE They are expensive and hard to get hold of. According to their website, my birth certificate was shipped via FedEx on April 22, it is now May 3 and I have not received it and cannot get any response from VitalChek. I wasted a lot of money and STILL have to go to the Health Department to get my birth certificate.

I am posting this information everywhere I can. DO NOT USE