Monday, March 26, 2007

Crafty Again

The eighteen year old and I put together a very cool desk for my home office/craft area. I am so excited to have it finished so that I now have a place to make cards and scrapbook. There is no way I could have finished the desk without his help of brute strength. And let's not mention how screw/bolt/nail challenged I was before this project. Due to a hand injury suffered a week ago at the start of the desk project I have not gotten any knitting done. But soon!

The desk is from Office Max and a really good price. At least I thought so until the 18 yo pointed out that it's just leftover saw dust pressed into shape. Oh well. It's still pretty.

Here is the 18 yo's reward for assembling the desk:

And here is a picture of the three of us between desk assembling sessions:

Aren't my boys handsome?

Happy Knitting!


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