Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Marathon Knitting

Okay, here are the projects in the line up.

The Nina Shawl from Mason-Dixon Knitting was at 30 inches when I started the marathon. I'm adding some extra sections because the finished size is 60 inches which I don't think will be long enough to wrap around myself comfortably.

The sock is past the gusset and into the foot. This, however, is sock #1 and I suffer horribly from Second Sock Syndrome. Let me tell you that Trekking is a dream to use.

The Scribble Scarf (also from M-D ) is frustrating me to no end! The other night I decided to work on it and realized I had lost a stitch somewhere. When I saw how far back the lost stitch was I frogged it! Probably 5 inches. Then I realized I probably could have "hooked" it back up. That's how out of it I am these days. So it took about 1.5 hours for me to get back to where I had had to frog. Do you think this happened because I worked it out of order? I'm loving the look of this scarf but it has not gotten into a rhythm for me yet. I'm not liking the cable on the needles I'm using, but these were the only ones I could find anywhere with points sharp enough to use. The yarns being used are Lion Brand Incredible (the ribbon) and crochet cotton size 10.

This is the Dish Cloth KAL for August. I was so sure I knew what it was by day 2--I thought it was going to be a spider or bee. It was worked from the top down so I thought those rays were legs and/or part of the wings. The top of the lighthouse did look to me like a stinger. About Day 4 I caught on.


Blogger Tracy said...

How funny, I thought the same about it being a bee butt!

Oh, I guess I better start our next project of the month :-)

9:12 AM  

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