Monday, October 29, 2007

The Weekend

Big Guy was such a tremendous help at the Halloween Party that I rewarded him by buying myself a new airplane. Of course it was too windy to fly so he had to fly it for me. We really had a lot of fun flying it. Next weekend I will really learn to fly, but it's just as much fun to watch him fly as it is for me to attempt flight. But while watching him fly I realized I need a blanket to keep in the car.

One of the things I left behind at Mr. C's house was an afghan I crocheted over the course of several years. It was made with leftover yarn from projects and then some yarns which I just liked the colorway but wouldn't ever want to make a project. I could ask for this back, but I've asked (and have in the divorce decree) some other things I'd like and he hasn't produced them so I don't hold out much hope for the afghan. So I decided to make a new one along the same principle (yarns I like) but knitted using the Rambling Rows Afghan from Cottage Creations. Okay I really didn't need to start another project, but want and need are different. But after looking at yarn, Red Heart, I decided on a colorway: Monet by Red Heart. Yes, this acrylic is not fun to work with, in my opinion, but the cost and the ease of care far outweigh the acrylic issue. Plus I really, really like the colors! And since there is no dye lot problem, except with the multicolor, I can buy the yarn on an as needed basis and when it's on sale. I have three blocks done already.

And now that I'm in an afghan knitting mood (that could change any second) I've decided I need a handknit afghan for my new home. But I'm going to wait until I have the keys in my hand before I buy the yarn. The yarn will probably be my Christmas gift to myself. And it won't be Red Heart!

Just a disclaimer here: I'm not really dissing on Red Heart, I've made plenty of projects from it and the color selection is hard to beat.

Check out our new ice cream maker: You freeze the bowl (takes a couple of hours) but then you have ice cream in 20 minutes. Yum-O! No cranking, no ice, no salt.

Happy Knitting!


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