Monday, May 07, 2007

If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood . . .

Well, guess what? It wasn't a beaver after all. Duh! That wasn't a paddle shaped tail and beavers don't have furry (contrary to the girl at Sonic) tails even in the winter. It's apparently a woodchuck and a huge one at that. However, the beaver makes a better story.

Look at that pathetic face. I somehow didn't bend down far enough getting in my car last week and the sunglasses (being worn at the time) collided with the car door frame and made a perfect split of my skin. I couldn't tell if it needed stitches and there was a two hour wait at InstaCare so the soon-to-be-ex came over and superglued the skin back togther. A week later and I can hardly see it. But it still hurts! Don't you just know that Voodoo (scroll down) had to do something since it's gone more than six months without an accident?

While sorting and organizing stuff at home I came across school pics of Little Guy; an overwhelming sadness took over me. I miss that little man so much. I miss the other kids too, but they're adults and pretty much living their own lives. I was very surprised the 18 yo chose to stay with his dad. Everyday I wish there was some way children could be with both parents in a divorce situation. My attorney told me it's not too late to get him fulltime with me and it's very doable and I'd probably win. But LG wants to be with his dad and that's what's important. Hell! I'd like to be with his dad if his dad treated me as well as he treats our kids.

All righty then. On to knitting content. I started a prayer shawl for a friend's mother who was just diagnosed with colon cancer. The pattern is from the novel Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber.

As far as the knitting time on the way to the family party: The knitting didn't happen. I was way too carsick to knit even stockinette. Bummer. By the time the medicine kicked in I was too spacey to knit. But after a nice nap I accomplished a lot of knitting and a lot of organizing.

Happy Knitting!


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