Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oy Vey!

These are knit cloths for my niece's little girl who turns three this week. I guess she'd be my grand (great?) niece, but aren't Great Aunts 80 years old?;) The yellow one didn't photograph well, but it's an elephant and the lavender is, of course, a butterfly. These are two of her favorite things right now. The flower is just because I wanted to try it and that where we get to "Oy Vey!" This was an incredibly quick knit until the finish work. Twelve ends to weave in--no lie! But it's so worth it! I think it would be great done in cotton chenille also.

These patterns are from Knitwits Heaven. I can't say enough about this company. I go to their website, choose my patterns, click on the cart button and within a couple of hours the patterns are e-mailed to me. You'll definitely be seeing more of their work from me--some are finished and just waiting for a future blog entry.

By the way, I don't just knit cloths and towels, but right now I'm into instant gratification and stuff doesn't get more instant than some of these cloths!

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