Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Finished Projects!

I can't believe I finally finished this. It was knit more than a year ago for a friend's birthday. But when I went to line it I couldn't find the knit part. Then I made the lining but couldn't find the handles. Then I moved. Then I found the handles, but couldn't find the bag and lining. This past weekend I decided it was do or die on this since it was a year overdo (a really good friend to be so patient). I bought new handles. Then I couldn't find the bag and lining. I could picture which sack it was in, but couldn't find it. I went through every box and yarn container in my basement looking for it. I finally decided I would just have to reknit the bag and suddenly I remembered where I had put it--in the container next to the sofa so that I could finish it. And the handles were there! But I like the new ones better. Details: Ticker Taper "yarn" by Moda Dea, color Sunset, one skein. I don't remember what size needles. The pattern is Chinese Charm Bag from Stitch and Bitch. It was actually the second one of these bags I've done for gifts.

This year's b-day gift for the same person. I gave her both presents today and she was so sweet about the one being over a year late and this one being 2 weeks late. Like I said, a good friend. This is Bathing Beauties by Fiber Trends, Grace (Patons) cotton yarn. Size 3 needles. A quick and fun knit.

Okay, I'm dang proud of these socks. I started them May 1 and finished them today, May 6. Here's why the dedication to getting them done. Unraveled Sheep in Sandy is having a sock knitting contest and I really, really wanted to be the first person to get an entry in and I was. They are Leaf Lace Socks by Fiber Trends. Sleeping Dragon yarn in Mossy Frog. Size 0 and 1 needles--next time I'll use 1 and 2. These are the socks I was knitting when I broke the circular needle.

Big Guy is still sick so I've gotten lots of knitting (and ironing done).

Happy Knitting!


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