Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catch Up

Here are the bowls post felting. I'm really pleased with how they turned out--especially after all my false starts. I learned something when I was felting them: Don't use the mesh laundry bags and towels. The bowls ended up with lots of lint. I had to refelt them using jeans. I think I'll get a pillowcase and add a zipper for future projects. These were April's present for my sister in Washington.

Socks from Meilenweit. These were car knitting and I had to finish them by April 30 because Unraveled Sheep is having a sock contest for the summer and the socks have to be made with yarn purchased from US on or after May 1, 2008. So to the shop I go tomorrow after I cash my paycheck! These socks were just basic garter rib. Easy-peasy.

Evangeline (from longer in service) and Fetching from You know, the usual that I'm doing monthly so that the Christmas rush isn't quite so rushed. However, I was very rushed to make the deadline--just finished the last one this evening. Which means I knit three of these in a little over 24 hours. But, hey, meeting the goal is what's important.

No pictures of this month's most popular items: eight dishcloths for a friend who moved to Florida. This woman has everything she could possibly need, but everyone needs more dishcloths right? So I knit a Utah one, a Florida one, a palm tree, a flamingo, and four textured cloths. All in incredibly bright colors. Wish I'd thought to look for an alligator one since Gators are a FL football team. I did luck out and did a two color cloth in green and orange--the Gator colors. I didn't know those are the Gator colors. I almost frogged the cloth because it was so garish.

Happy Knitting!


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