Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Cooking with the Knitting

This is what's left after three of us had dinner. It's Parmesan Gourgere with Chicken Filling.

It wasn't the quickest chicken potpie I've made, but it's definitely the best and worth the extra few minutes. A gourgere is the same dough as the dough for cream puffs, but you add cheese(s) to the dough before baking. Yummy! Let's face it: I made it and it turned out so it really can't be hard or time consuming.

This the the gift I did for my sister in January. It's a takeout hot drink cuff (I'm sure there's a real name for it out there). It's a free pattern on Knitpicks website.

This could be considered my $2 sweater. Made from Wool-Ease purchased at Fred Meyer years ago when they had it on sale for two skeins for a dollar. Obviously mismarked in the ad, but they honored it and I bought close to $50 worth of yarn that day. I started this sweater late Christmas Eve and finished it in January. It was a night I couldn't sleep (isn't menopause a joy and coupled with the ex stress) and I had to start something new. We all know that it doesn't matter how many projects are on the needles there are times when nothing but something new will do. The pattern is Lacy Cardigan from Blue Sky Alpacas.

These are felted buttonhole bags I made at Christmas--one to give away one to put in gift stash. Pattern from the Mason-Dixon website.

These are hats I made for Big Guy and one of his friends. The yarn is Araucania Nature Wool in an olive green color. Looks almost like camouflage. I thought the two hats would take two skeins but they only took one. So the extra skein made a hat for Son #3 and the rest will be a hat to go to the gift stash.

Willie Warmers in Fun Fur and Wool-Ease. 'Nuf said.

Happy Knitting!


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