Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm In Love!

Meet Millicent, my new addition! Big Guy and I received her from a friend. We are really loving having a kitten around. Millicent is almost 7 months old and personality plus, but not really frisky which is a good thing in my book. I do have to remember to put the knitting in a safe place. She's already chewed up one circular needle (luckily a cheap one) and chewed on some yarn. She is so much fun.

Here are some catnip mice I knitted for Millicent and a friend's cat (link is on the side bar). Notice the extremely elongated mouse. That's what happens when I don't read the directions completely. I kept thinking: This is taking so much longer than the ones I knit last summer. That should have been my clue that something wasn't quite right.

Felted bowls (before fulling) based on a pattern from One Skein by Leigh Radford. I did them bottom up so that I could utilize every bit of the Noro Kureyon. You can see how little I had left. I actually knit the smaller bowl three times because I kept messing up my increases. I'll post a picture of the finished product next time.

The lack of posts has been due to my mom being so sick. Five weeks ago she had a stroke, the following week she had a heart attack, and since then it's been one doctor's appointment after another. She's gone from being a very active person to someone who can barely get out of bed. And then complications from a cardiac ablation. Luckily one of my nieces had just moved to Utah and is now living with my mom; what we would be doing without Kate is just not possible to think about. She's been a godsend. Like I said in an earlier post: mysterious ways.

Happy Knitting!


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