Monday, May 05, 2008

Broken Hearted

I was at the pediatrician's office this afternoon and knitting away on a sock when look what happened to my needle! I've never had one break like that before. I must have been tugging too hard when I pulled the stitches through. Even though I have "emergency knitting" in the car, I didn't want to leave Big Guy to run out to the car. I was reduced to reading about vaccines while I waited for the doctor. Big Guy has a virus which presents a lot like strep. Nothing but time will make him feel better. I'm very sorry he's not feeling well, but being a Knitter I look on the bright side: lots more knitting time!

Look who was in Salt Lake yesterday. The Yarn Harlot! She gave a great presentation as always. The King's English Book Store even had copies of her books for purchase. That was really nice since I hadn't been able to find her most recent one anywhere.

Almost every Friday night for the past two months I have had dinner with several well known, well recognized local media people. I've never been tongue tied or stumped for an answer around them. Yesterday while waiting for the Yarn Harlot to start I was returning to the auditorium from the restroom. One of the library employees was walking with a woman. He directed me to the front entrance of the auditorium, when I turned to thank him I realized who he was escorting--Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot. Words totally failed me. I could not remember her name, my manners, or even my name. This was my clever statement: "OH! Hi (long pause). It's you I'm here to see." (DUH!) Maybe the local media should take up knitting and I'd be quiet.

The Unraveled Sheep in Sandy is having a sock knitting contest (among other contests) this summer. So guess what there will be a lot of on this blog?

Happy Knitting!


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