Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Help is Easy to Find When You Have Boys

My third oldest son visited me overnight last weekend and did some handiwork around the house for me. I have a clock which needed to be hung where I couldn't reach. Well, the manchild is 6'3" and so he hung it for me and in addition put the laundry room door back on its pins and mounted it for me. I know the kids are mad at me for leaving their dad and I wish I could tell them my reasons, but they already have one parent dissing on the other, they don't need two. Maybe when they're older they'll be willing to see my side.

But it was great having him with me. It was the first overnight he'd spent. We went to a movie, Bridge to Terabithia, then to Barnes and Noble, and to my place to make pizza. He decided to spend the night and it was so fun. It was the two youngest and me. Not exactly like old times, but better in some ways. We had a good talk; wish there was more time! Healing is taking place I hope.

I have neglected to post this month's key decoration. These hearts I found at Michael's Crafts.

Lots of knitting going on which will soon be completed. I have a baby blanket to be finished by March 5 (baby is being delivered by C-section no later than that date), plus the baby sweater to go with the blanket. And a sweater from Stitch and Bitch which is all finished except for the finishing. So tonight ends get woven in and pieces get blocked. So hopefully by next week I'll have a FO to show and wear. I may be the only person in SLC hoping for one more good snow storm. You KNOW it's all about the handknits right?
And this is a baby sweater I knit for a coworker's baby. The shower is Sunday, but the sweater has been done for over a month. When Little Guy was sick and I had him for almost a whole week I knit this in addition to the pirate hat! The sweater pattern is pattern CH33 Baby Brights from Fiber Trends and the hat is one I just winged using the sweater stitch for the base of the hat. The yarn is Patons Canadiana. (you can click on any picture for more detail)

Happy Knitting!


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