Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Wrap and Other Things

I can't believe I forgot to post this! This sweater was done last year for a niece's daughter, Brynley, who was born in December. It's from Cool Knits for Kids and made from Cotton-Ease. The baby is in a warm climate (think Christmas with 70 degree temps except this winter when my sister, the baby's grandma, took the snow with her down south) and also the third child so Mom needed something easy care. I made some modifications such as actually knitting the front band on instead of knitting separately and then sewing on.

This scarf is One Row Scarf from The Yarn Harlot. It was a very fun, fast, and easy knit. When I took it to work to show off it matched a co-workers sweater so it became hers. This was stash yarn and it was written in Japanese so I have no clue what it was called, but it sure is pretty!

These are hats I did for charity. One of the ladies at the office was getting a knitting class together for the LDS Humanitarian Project and I offered to do a couple and to donate some kits for the ladies who participated. The yarn is just acrylic baby yarn and the pattern on the left is from Cottage Creations book Projects for the Community. The one on the left is just a basic hat pattern.

This hat and bootee (spell check wants it spelled this way) set didn't photograph very well. The actual hat color is brown with lavender trim! The hat is from Knit Baby Head & Toes. And the booties are from Cool Knits for Kids. I made these to match an outfit an office worker's daughter had bought for her daughter. I wish I had paid more attention to the color of the photograph and gotten it correctly because it really is a striking color combination.

Check out the counters on the sidebar. I'm the team captain for The Stream Team (Race for the Cure). If you want to pretend we're The Stream Team because we're so streamlined feel free to do so. But the truth is the Urologist I work for is sponsoring our team and he named us. So the stream refers to something totally not so pleasant! You will be seeing some knitting related to The Race for the Cure. More about that later.

The other counter is for weight loss. Duh.

Running will be found here from now on.

Dish cloth knitting will be found here.

Happy Knitting!


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