Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Long time no posting again. I'll be better in the new year!

This first picture is the three Cottage Creations Babies and Bears sweaters I did for the three grandsons of women I work with. I truly love this pattern and wish I'd kept track of how many I've made over the years. When my children were younger they called this the magic sweater because it in no way looks like a sweater while being knit.

A pumpkin hat for Jayden, the son of the Physician Assistant in our office. He looked pretty cute in it!

Bats! From a pattern (purchased) that I found through Lime and Violet's Daily Chum. Anyway, these are a quick knit and so fun. I did the fangs with glow in the dark yarn by Bernat (from Michaels, but they got rid of it). Again, one of these went to Jayden.

A turkey hat--one of three that I did. Also found through Lime and Violet's Daily Chum and this one was free. I did one for Jayden (that kid is starting to hate me I think), one for a coworker's grandson, and one for my niece's one year old, Lala. This was a fun hat but after doing six turkey drumsticks I was ready to be done!

Okay, not knitting but still a project. A smocked gown for a baby who wasn't supposed to live. I couldn't let her be buried in a gown done by someone impersonal. The baby lived!

Eight pairs of Evangeline, eight pairs of Fetching, one pair of Dashing. All free patterns (do a search on Ravelry and/or For office workers. They were a big hit. I used Cascade 220 superwash wool and I could get two pairs (not the Dashing) out of one skein. I even added 2 extra rows on the Fetching and one extra pattern repeat on the Evangeline. Only with the camel color did I really run short on yarn. Very fast knit and very economical.

Happy Knitting!


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