Sunday, October 15, 2006

Who? Me Superstitious?

Voodoo Car Strikes Again!!!!!

Would you believe that on Friday, the thirteenth, a delivery truck backed into my car???? This is the fourth accident in exactly 12 months. And then add in the theft a few weeks ago and we have five bad incidents in one year. My Cruiser used to be called "Gutless Wonder" but I have renamed it Voodoo. Of all the things that have happened to this car none, absolutely none, have been my fault. One accident was Mr. C's fault (he rode over two cement curbs and broke a bunch of stuff on the wheel), but the rest have ALL been people hitting me. But thankfully they have all had insurance. And at least my knitting wasn't a casualty this time.

I really like this picture though. The car appears to be so clean you can see the reflection of the mountains. In actuality I was in desparate need of a car detailing. Now thanks to the delivery company I'm getting a free one. Anyone want to see pictures of the rental car? Have I mentioned Enterprise upgrades me for free since I'm a "frequent flyer"? I hope they'll still upgrade me.

Happy Knitting!


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