Friday, July 31, 2009

Gotta Have Faith

Well, it's entirely different news than before.

Once everything was packed up and a new school being faced on August 10, Big Guy has decided to stay in Utah with me!! It finally dawned on him that he'd be leaving behind everything he ever knew and didn't want to go. We're playing it by ear right now; he says he may decide to go to California once he officially starts high school.

I have to admit: My sisters were so right on this matter! Aren't older sisters the bomb!!!???? Thank you dear sisters. I love you!

Okay: Here's some knitting content.

Meet Mr. Crabs:

He was knit for Big Guy while he was on Scout Camp at the beginning of July. I was kind of worried Big Guy would think he's too old for a knit stuffed toy, but both he and his older brother pronounced it "Awesome!" It is a fun and quick knit. The pattern is a row by row pattern (so no measuring) and so it can be sized up very easily by just using bulkier yarn, or sized down by using thinner yarn. Big Guy's is made of worsted weight and is about 12 inches claw to claw. I am planning on making this again for gifts.

When I took Mr. Crabs to work everyone fell in love with him. I had this great idea that I should knit one for the office and whoever was feeling crabby that day would get to keep him on her desk. But then I realized Terry and I would be fighting over him every single day. (Tongue in cheek there).

Now my mood is vastly improved I will be knitting much more! Here's to my sisters being right!

Happy Knitting!

ETA: Little Guy turned a milestone birthday so he is now known as Big Guy


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