Monday, July 31, 2006


This first picture is of towels and dishcloths I did for clients who purchased a house in Eagle Mountain. The log cabin towel started out as a dishcloth, but not knowing when to stop and realizing it was too big too late, I made it into a dishtowel. It was fun and I might do another one at some later date, but it wasn't as fast as other patterns.

The baby sweater is actually a pale lavender, more like periwinkle, Debblie Bliss Cashmerino. I knit it for Cameron's boss' baby girl. This was a great, fun knit, but I didn't enjoy doing the booties. The Cashmerino was a dream to work with though. As many of us, including one man, said when we felt the yarn, it would have been great to roll around naked in!

These burpcloths and bibs are from Mason Dixon Knitting and were so much fun and such quick knits. And the bibs can even be done without looking. I made one on the trip back from Lagoon late one night. I thought the bibs were kind of plain, even with the daisy buttons, so I made flowers from Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers book. I could have put the larger buttons on the bibs for decoration, but I wanted to keep the bibs soft so the mom could just wipe the babies' faces off and then throw the bibs in the washer. These items were done for our next door neighbor's twin girls. Who happened to be born on my youngest son's eleventh birthday!


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