Monday, April 05, 2010

Shower of Gifts

Emily's Baby Shower was in January. It was an Open House and mom and I went. I was so happy to see the new Mrs. Kim Moulton, Linda, there. She'd made it up from California to do double duty as wedding dress shopping with her daughter and to go to Emily's shower.

Here are the things I made for Emily.

I couldn't resist the monkey flannel even though it's blue. Melissa likes monkeys and it was the cutest monkey flannel I've seen. The brown and pink sweater is from Mason-Dixon Knitting--the Baby Kimono--I used Bernat's Cotton Tot yarn. The dusty pink sweater is a Mary Tripplet pattern purchased at The Unraveled Sheep in Sandy, UT. The orange knitted blanket (yarn is Encore purchased from Unraveled Sheep) was so fun. I'd been waiting a long time to find a reason to purchase that colorway. And of course matching burp cloths.

I was pretty proud of my crocheting (not my favorite craft) until I saw Linda's. That woman can crochet and her stitches are so even and neat. But she doesn't sew or knit or tat. So I'm still "ahead" of the game in an area or two. I'm just saying. Like I know it's not a contest or anything.

Guess who learned to color her fonts?


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